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Limburg +‎ -ish

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  • Hyphenation: Lim‧bur‧gish

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  1. A Germanic language or dialect continuum spoken near the common border between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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  • In the Netherlands, Limburgish has been recognised as a regional or minority language. However, this has been criticised by linguists of e.g. the Dutch Language Union because Limburgish is considered a part of Low Franconian.
  • The south-eastern borders of Limburgish are fairly well defined by the limits of the High German consonant shift (maken-machen line); though note that this definition excludes the Central Franconian dialects of Kerkrade and Vaals. The north-western borders, however, are variously defined by different isoglosses (ik-ich line; tonality; High German-like split of Germanic *au; [uː], [oː] for Germanic *ū, *ō; and others).

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