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Lone Ranger

  1. A hero of westerns who wore a mask.
    • 2000, Gerald Nachman, Raised on Radio, page 200:
      Yet you never tired of the famous fade-out: "Who was that masked man, anyway? ... That was. . . the Lone Ranger!"
  2. A solitary, sometimes mysterious or heroic, person.
    • 1992, M. Annette Jaimes, The State of Native America: Genocide, Colonization, and Resistance, page 428:
      The Lone Ranger is always alone in a wilderness he does not quite call home.
    • 2002, Megan Jennaway, Sisters and Lovers: Women and Desire in Bali, page 128:
      This requires them to lead a double life: as Lone Ranger by day, husband and father by night.
    • 2002, David John Lu, Agony of Choice: Matsuoka Yosuke and the Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire, 1880-1946, page 169:
      While Matsuoka's tendency to act alone, his "lone-ranger" style of diplomacy, served him well in maintaining secrecy, it deprived him of effective staff work […].

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