English edit

Etymology edit

From an intentional spoonerism of Walmart, influenced by mall + wart, with the implication being that Walmart stores are like unsightly growths on shopping malls or the general retail environment.

Proper noun edit

Mallwart (countable and uncountable, plural Mallwarts)

  1. (humorous or derogatory) Walmart.
    • 2004, Swami Beyondananda, Swami for Precedent, WakeUpLaughing Press, →ISBN, page 125:
      Have you noticed a proliferation of those MallWart stores where the workers can't even afford the low prices?
    • 2004 September 11, Tom Noel, “Historic Preservation Placed In Good Hands”, in Rocky Mountain News:
      Who else in Colorado is worried about preserving ATMs, self-storage units, fitness centers, and yes, even Mallwarts, er, uh Walmarts (the ultimate devil for most preservationists)?
    • 2006, Karel Baloun, Inside Facebook: Life, Work and Visions of Greatness[1], →ISBN, page 34:
      Mallwart has cheap prices by lowering wages here and throughout the world, while its leadership, the members of the Walton family, occupy four spots on the Forbes billionaire Top 20 list.
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