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Men in Black

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Men in Black pl (plural only)

  1. In UFO conspiracy theories, men dressed in black suits, claiming to be government agents and attempting to harass or threaten UFO witnesses into silence.
    • 1991 John A. Keel, "Who are the UFO silencers?", Weekly World News, Vol. 12, No. 25 (26 Mar 1991), p8
      Often they arrive at the scene of a UFO landing before those involves have had a chance to tell their story to the authorities, indicating that these Men-in-Black can read – as well as CONTROL – minds.
    • 1995 James L. Thompson, Alien encounters: the deception menace, Cedar Fort, p52
      In many UFO sightings in which evidence of the sighting is claimed to exist, government "men in black" are reported to appear at the witnesses' doors demanding the evidence and threatening witnesses in the event they divulge any information regarding their sighting.
    • 1995 John A. Saliba, "UFO Contactee Phenomena from a Sociopsychological Perspective: A Review," The Gods have landed: new religions from other worlds, SUNY Press, p218
      Stories of “men-in-black,” who confront those who have witnessed a UFO with the intention of persuading them to keep their knowledge of space creatures a secret, are also amenable to folkloristic analysis.