merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

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merry Christmas

  1. (Australia, Canada, US) Used to express good wishes on or before Christmas Day.
    Merry Christmas, Jack. / Same to you. And a happy New Year.
    Have a merry Christmas, Jack. / Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    • 1722, The Hiſtorical Regiſter, volume VII, № XXVIII, “An Anſwer from the Marqueſs of ———— to the Letter of a Prelate, concerning Cardinal Alberoni”, pages 291–292
      I am aſhamed to talk of theſe Trifles, but to make you ſenſible by the Way, that the Spaniards are not ſo ungrateful as you repreſent them, I ſhall tell you, that the Money ariſing out of the Sale that was made of the Wine and Chocolate belonging to the Cardinal at his Departure, was more than ſufficient to defray the Expences of his Journey, and had he continued fifteen Days longer at Madrid, he would have received by the Poſt a Bill of 1000 Piſtoles, with which a Friend wiſhed him a merry Chriſtmas, which Sum was paid by the King’s Orders to the Government of Madrid to be employed for the Benefit of the Publick.

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