Middle Easternize


Alternative formsEdit


Middle Eastern +‎ -ize


Middle Easternize (third-person singular simple present Middle Easternizes, present participle Middle Easternizing, simple past and past participle Middle Easternized)

  1. To make something Middle Eastern in character.
    • 2004 Kinfe Abraham, Nile dilemmas: hydropolitics and potentials conflict ... - Page 107
      Furthermore, by bringing the Eritrean issue into the Arab League it tried to Middle-Easternize the Eritrean issue and, by extension, the Nile one.
    • 2006 Ali Khan, A theory of international terrorism [electronic resource], p 359
      Just as Muslim Spain Europeanized the Jews of the Middle East, Israel must Middle Easternize European Jews.
    • 2006 Steven Salaita, The Holy Land in Transit, vii
      Most scholars as a result simply continue to Middle Easternize the Middle East, repeating by implication the old East and West of earlier writing.