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English edit

Alternative forms edit

Noun edit

R/T (uncountable)

  1. Radiotelephone; radiotelegraph.
    • 1953, Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye, Penguin 2010, p. 18:
      I had no mental picture at all of Terry Lennox loafing around one of the swimming pools in Bermuda shorts and phoning the butler by R/T to ice the champagne and get the grouse a-toasting.

Adjective edit

R/T (not comparable)

  1. (automotive) Initialism of road and track.; used to indicate a high performance edition of a vehicle or part, capable of use for everyday driving as well as amateur racing.
  2. (automotive) Initialism of road and terrain.; used to indicate a ruggedized version of a part, capable of on-road performance and off-road track/terrain performance.
  3. (automotive, tires) Initialism of rugged-terrain.; a type of all-terrain tire (A/T) with better off-road and on-road performance (similar to M/T and H/T respectively).

Coordinate terms edit


  • A/T (all-terrain)
  • H/T (highway/terrain)
  • M/T (mud/terrain)
  • T/T (track/terrain)
  • LT (light truck)

Anagrams edit