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  1. (in combination, usually with numbers) Ribotype
    • 2011 January 5, E De Boer, A Zwartkruis-Nahuis, AE Heuvelink, Celine Harmanus, Ed J.Kuijper., “Prevalence of Clostridium difficile in retailed meat in The Netherlands”, in International Journal of Food Microbiology, volume 144, number 3 (in English), pages 561–564:
      Strains of RT 027 were not found in our study. Another recent emerging strain belonging to RT 078 has been found in animals and humans in the United States and in Canada.

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  1. Initialism of Russia Today; an international news network.

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RT (countable and uncountable, plural RTs)

  1. (American football, Canadian football) Initialism of right tackle.
  2. (knitting) Initialism of right twist.
  3. (Internet) Initialism of retweet.
  4. (sciences) Initialism of response time.
  5. Alternative form of R/T
  6. Initialism of resistance training.
  7. (medicine) Initialism of respiratory therapy.
  8. (medicine) Initialism of respiratory therapy technician / respiratory technician / respiratory therapist.
  9. (medicine) Initialism of radiology technologist / radiology technician.
  10. A bus formerly manufactured by the Associated Equipment Company, mostly for use in London.

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RT (not comparable)

  1. (computing) Initialism of real-time.

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RT (third-person singular simple present RTs, present participle RTing, simple past and past participle RTed)

  1. Initialism of retweet.
    • 2011 May 2, Chagney Hunt [username], “Ryan Babel”, in[1] (Usenet):
      "I see lots of Osama pics floating on twitter, aint gonna RT any of dem though .. Don't wanna get fined by terrorist"

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  1. (Internet slang) Alternative form of 如題如题 (rútí)

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RT (first-person possessive RTku, second-person possessive RTmu, third-person possessive RTnya)

  1. Initialism of rukun tetangga.

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From English RT.

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RT(リツイート) (ritsuīto

  1. Abbreviation of リツイート (ritsuīto, retweet).

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RT(リツイート)する (ritsuīto surusuru (stem RT(リツイート) (ritsuīto shi), past RT(リツイート)した (ritsuīto shita))

  1. Abbreviation of リツイート (ritsuīto, to retweet).

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