This Proto-Samic entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.

Proto-Samic edit

Noun edit


  1. foreigner

Inflection edit

Nominative *tārō
Genitive *tār̯ōn
Singular Plural
Nominative *tārō *tār̯ōk
Accusative *tār̯ōm *tār̯ōjtē
Partitive *tārōtē
Genitive *tār̯ōn *tār̯ōj
Essive *tārōnē *tār̯ōjnē
Inessive *tār̯ōsnē
Elative *tār̯ōstē *tār̯ōjstē
Illative *tārus̯ën
Comitative *tār̯ōjnē
Abessive *tār̯ōptāk̯ëk

Descendants edit

  • Western Samic:
    • Southern Sami: daaroe
    • Ume Sami: dárruo
    • Pite Sami: dárro
    • Lule Sami: dárro
    • Northern Sami: dárru
  • Eastern Samic:
    • Inari Sami:
    • Skolt Sami: Taarr
    • Kildin Sami:

Further reading edit

  • Koponen, Eino; Ruppel, Klaas; Aapala, Kirsti, editors (2002–2008) Álgu database: Etymological database of the Saami languages[1], Helsinki: Research Institute for the Languages of Finland