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Sprachbund (plural Sprachbunds or Sprachbünde)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of sprachbund.
    • 1997, Malcolm Ross, “Social Networks and Kinds of Speech-Community Event”, in Roger Blench and Matthew Spriggs, editors, Archaeology and Language I: Theoretical and Methodological Orientations (One World Archaeology; 27), London; New York, N.Y.: Routledge, →ISBN, page 243:
      The linguist reader will recognize that the Takia/Waskia, Mixe Basque/ Gascon, Romansch/Swiss German and Sauris German/Friulian pairs each form a small Sprachbund ('language alliance'). Probably the best-known Sprachbund consists of modern Greek, Albanian, Romanian, and the southern Slav languages Macedonian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Croatian, which through centuries of contact have undergone metatypy to the extent that there are very close semantic and syntactic []
    • 2007, Ranko Matasović [author], [Per] Sture Ureland, [‎R.] Anthony Lodge, and ‎Stefan Pugh, editors, Language Contact and Minority Languages on the Littorals of Europe (Studies in Eurolinguistics; 5), Berlin: Logos, →ISBN:
      This is the type of sociolinguistic situation in which a Sprachbund, or linguistic area, is likely to emerge. This is how the Balkan linguistic area came into being: during the Middle Ages, several linguistic communities were interspersed in an area which was never subjected to strong political centralization.
    • 2013, Thomas Stolz, “Contemporary Europe”, in Competing Comparative Constructions in Europe (Studia Typologica; 13), [Berlin]: Akademie Verlag, →ISBN, section 5.3.4 (The Internal Geolinguisics of Europe), page 196:
      The research program took shape after the Pragian structuralists made public their definition of the concept of Sprachbund. Since then various hypotheses have been put forward as to the subdivision of the continent into a number of distinct areas which are commonly termed Sprachbünde, linguistic areas or contact superposition zones [].



From Sprache (language; way of speaking, speech) + Bund (alliance)


  • IPA(key): [ˈʃpʀaːχˌbʊnt]
  • (file)


Sprachbund m (genitive Sprachbundes, plural Sprachbünde)

  1. sprachbund

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