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Alternative formsEdit


Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (“festival”; SV: tiết).



(classifier cái) Tết ()

  1. Lunar New Year (the first three days of the first lunar month)
  2. (by extension) Used in the names of some other holidays/festivals
    Chúc anh chị một cái Tết vui vẻ.
    We wish you a Happy Lunar New Year.
  3. (rare, by extension, usually in simplified translation) a festival
    "tết" con traiKodomo no Hi
    "tết" con gáiHinamatsuri

Usage notesEdit

  • Tết can broadly include the last (30th) day of the last month of the previous lunar year (the "Lunar New Year's Eve"), and up to seven days after the first three days.

Related termsEdit

  • tiết (section, period, time, season)

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