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100 Names of AllahEdit

Should the 100 names of Allah section in this article not be an index or appendix article. Its useful to have it but on every article? A link would suffice really IMHO.

Maybe these is scpe of Wikipedia for it? --Williamsayers79 07:31, 15 August 2006 (UTC)

Dear William,

You might be right, but I would like to demonstrate the Wikipedia reader the mechanism of Islamic namegiving. First I thought there wasn't any list of the 99 names for Allah and I spent a lot of time to compose such a list. Just today I saw several lists *sob and smile*. However those lists doesn't fit the purpose. So I would like to keep the list.

Best regards,

Sanne van den Eijnde (Alasdair, Sannelein) Amsterdam, Holland

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