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Dutch and FlemishEdit

Moved from Wiktionary:Beer parlour
I agree with the definition that Flemish is Dutch as it is spoken in the Northern part of Belgium. Flemish is not a language in itself, but a regional variety of Dutch. But in some articles words are translated in Flemish. Do we want to translate words in all languages plus all their regional varieties? (Australian English, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, ...) If this is the case, then I have nothing against Flemish being included. If not... Any opinions? D.D.

Lots of opinions, but no solutions. There is probably no more reason to have separate Wiktionaries for Dutch and Flemish than there is for American and British English. Still I believe that when Dutch and Flemish have a different word for a concept there is a need to illustrate that difference, and to explain the usage difference. Swadesh originally set up his lists to measure the differences between two languages. In that way such a list that would show Dutch, Flemish, Afrikans, Surinam dialect and even Frisian together on the same page could be very interesting. Eclecticology 23:14 Apr 14, 2003 (UTC)
I agree that Flemish is not really a separate language, but when I see that the words that I consider to be Dutch, but that really are only/mainly used here in Belgium are deleted, I want to be able to add them again. Sometimes we use different words more often, sometimes only the sound/pronunciation changes, sometimes differences are more subtle like word genders not being the same between the two variations of the language.
I moved a translation of fart from Dutch to Flemish because I had never heard of the translation prot before and it's not in the van Dale dictionary (or any other dictionary I have). I think that if someone uses wictionary to translate fart into Dutch he shouldn't end up with a word that only Flemish people understand. Maybe we should mark them (Flemish) instead of placing them on a separate line? InfoSlave 17:02 Apr 15, 2003 (UTC)

I'm thinking along the same lines as InfoSlave. Since Flemish is a form of Dutch we could indicate that on the same line as the Dutch translations. BTW, the "big" 3 part van Dale of 1999 has the noun prot and the verb protten with these senses, but they are marked gew. (short for gewestelijk (= regional)). D.D.

Deleting them doesn't seem right. The need is to explain the differences. Those of us that are not Dutch/Flemish speaking can't help very much, but can be passively interested. Eclecticology

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