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Attestable second verbEdit

There has been some demand for evidence of the second verb usage. Here's some sentences from academic writing I found off google - the definition is used in "common" usage as well.

Underlying the Court's entire opinion is its apparent thesis that a district judge is at least permitted to find that, if a single attendance zone between two individual schools in the large metropolitan district is found by him to have been "gerrymandered," the school district is guilty of operating a "dual" school system, and is apparently a candidate for what is in practice a federal receivership. [1]
The Board of Education then gerrymanders the school district boundaries so that only a small fraction of Black children are eligible to enroll in the 1st Grade of a formerly all-white school. [2]

Neither of these are talking about elections for school board - they're talking about where kids are allowed to go to school. The gerrymandering here is favoring one group over another (namely, white kids over black kids), rather than particular blocks of voters. Scott Ritchie 23:00, 19 October 2007 (UTC)

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