Calque of translingual term

This template indicates that a term originated as a calque (also called a loan translation) of a term in another language. Use {{semantic loan}} if the word already existed in the borrowing language, and simply had a new meaning added to it.


{{calque|fr|en|light year}} or the abbreviation {{cal|fr|en|light year}}

evaluates to

Calque of English light year

Category pages for this template are created by {{auto cat}}.


The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the language the calque appears in, which should be the language of the section that the template is placed in.
The language from which the calque is derived.
The source word of the calque.
|4= or |alt=
(optional) An alternative display form to show for the term, see {{l}} and {{m}}.
|5= or |t= (the parameter |gloss= is deprecated)
The translation of the term.
A part-of-speech label for the term.
The transliteration for the term, if there is no automatically generated transliteration or the automatically generated transliteration is wrong.
|g=, |g2=, |g3= and so on
(optional) Gender and number, as in {{l}} and {{m}}; see Module:gender and number for details.
(optional) A literal translation for the term, see {{l}} and {{m}}.
(optional) A sense id for the term, see {{l}} and {{m}}.
(optional) Script code to use, see {{l}} and {{m}}.
(optional) The sort key to use for categories.
Show the initial text with a lowercase initial letter.
Omit the initial text altogether. The first thing displayed will be the source language name (as in {{etyl}}).
Suppress categorization.

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