This template creates a conjugation table for verb forms in colloquial Welsh.




  • (stem) is the verb stem.
  • (override) is a parameter specifying a particular form that is different from the one automatically generated. The name of this parameter takes two parts: one of fut for future, cond for conditional, pret for preterite, or impr for imperative; a hyphen; and a number between 1 and 3 followed by s or pl. For example, the parameter fut-1pl= specifies a first-person plural future form.
  • (alternative) is parameter specifying an alternative form that is used in addition to the form specified by the override parameter. These parameters take the same names as the override parameters, followed by -b. For example, pret-1s-b= can be used to specify an alternative first-person singular preterite form.


{{cy-conj-colloquial|gwel}} yields:

{{cy-conj-colloquial|na|fut-1s=na |fut-2s=nei |fut-3s=neith |fut-3s-b=naiff |fut-2pl=newch |fut-3pl=nân |cond-3s=nâi |pret-1s=nes |pret-2s=nest |pret-3s=naeth |pret-1pl=naethon |pret-2pl=naethoch |pret-3pl=naethon |impr-2s=gwna |impr-2pl=gwnewch}} yields: