This {{pagetype}} needs an audio pronunciation. If you are a native speaker with a microphone, please record this word. The recorded pronunciation will appear here when it's ready.


{{rfap}}, named for request for audio pronunciation, is used to request that an audio file be added to an entry. It should be used under the ===Pronunciation=== header.


|1= (required)
The language code of the term needing audio pronunciation. See Wiktionary:List of languages.
An optional comment to be displayed in the request message.
Display the message inline instead of in a box.
An optional language variety, such as UK or US, for categorization purposes (see below).
The sort key for the page; rarely needs to be specified.
Disable categorization of this page.

This template adds the page to the following categories (where LANG is the language whose code is specified using |1=):


For example: {{rfap|en}} or {{rfap|en|variety=UK}}