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Dictionary entriesEdit

Request templates for dictionary entries in the main namespace. Parameters are optional, unless marked with an asterisk (*). (See Wiktionary:Maintenance templates for additional information.)

Deletion and verificationEdit

  • {{delete|reason}} - Request for immediate deletion of mistakes, vandalism, and other garbage
  • {{rfd|reason}} - Listed request for deletion of potentially encycopedic or non-idiomatic terms
  • {{rfd-redundant}} - Request for deletion of sense; the definition is redundant
  • {{rfv|reason}} - Listed request for verification; entry is disputed at WT:RFV
  • {{rfv-sense}} - Request for verification of sense; the sense is disputed at WT:RFV

Language and translationsEdit

  • {{rftrans}} - Request for translations; this English article needs translation into other languages
  • {{gloss-stub|language name}} - Request for clarification of sense; the translation to English is imprecise
  • {{rfscript|script name*}} - Request for foreign-language script
  • {{rftranslit|lang=}} - Request for romanization (transliteration)
  • {{subst:nolanguage}} - Request for language header; the entry lacks language identification
  • {{subst:notenglish}} - Request for translation; the article is not in English
  • {{rfc-trans}} - Request for translation table split; the existing table needs to be split by meaning

Information and cleanupEdit

  • {{rfap|region|region}} - Request for audio pronunciation; an audio file is wanted
  • {{rfc|reason}} - Request for cleanup; the article is not formatted well
  • {{rfc-case|details, if not uc./lc.}} - Request for case split; the article includes both capitalized and lower-case words
  • {{rfdate}} - Request for date; the quotation lacks a date
  • {{rfdef}} - Request for definition; the entry lacks a definition
  • {{rfe|reason}} - Request for etymology; the entry lacks an etymology
  • {{rfp|reason}} - Request for pronunciation; the entry lacks a pronunciation (e.g. IPA)
  • {{rfphoto}} - Request for photo; an image file is wanted
  • {{rfdrawing}} - Request for drawing; a drawing is wanted
  • {{rft|reason|fragment=link text}} - Entry is under discussion in the Tea Room
  • {{rndc}} - Request for new definition; the existing definition violates copyright
  • {{copyvio suspected}} - Request to verify whether included material violates copyright policy.

Other entriesEdit

Request templates for pages in other namespaces:

  • {{delete|reason}} - Request for immediate deletion of mistakes or vandalism
  • {{rfd|reason}} - Request for deprecation of categories and templates or deletion of other pages


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