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If you have knowledge of “rfexp”, please edit this page or discuss possible changes.

Please remove this template after the problem has been dealt with.


This template generates a box formally asking for expansion of an incomplete page or appendix.

Completeness is a worthy goal. However, the exact information that is lacking is, most certainly, not clear. Therefore, it is always encouraged to provide an explanation wherever {{rfexp}} is used.


|1= (required)
The language code of the term or appendix needing expansion. See Wiktionary:List of languages. Use und if a single language doesn't apply, e.g. in templates, categories and appendices.
An optional comment to be displayed in the request message.
The sort key for the page; rarely needs to be specified.
Disable categorization of this page.
If given, add this page to Category:Entries needing topical attention and (eventually, manually) to the list at Wiktionary:Entries needing topical attention.

This template adds the page to the following categories:


  • {{rfexp|en|more examples of irregular verbs}}
  • {{rfexp|fr|etymologies}}
  • {{rfexp|sv|how to write large numbers}}
  • {{rfexp|und|more translations}}
  • {{rfexp|la|comparison between Latin and Greek}}


  • You may always improve any page or appendix by editing it.
  • A common type of edit is changing where information is found, namely by moving, splitting or merging a page. It may require a discussion at WT:RFM beforehand.
  • To propose immediate deletion of a page or appendix that blatantly does not belong to Wiktionary, use {{delete}}.
  • To discuss the possible deletion of a page or appendix that may not belong to Wiktionary, use {{rfd}} and discuss it at WT:RFD (for pages) or WT:RFDO (for appendices).