Template:ru-clipping of

clipping of term (term)


This template is used to properly format a Russian clipping. The word or words may or may not have direct or indirect links. If a term does not exist in Wiktionary and is not an appropriate entry, the link may go to Wikipedia. The following parameters exist:

Parameter Description Notes
1 if 2= is empty, 1= is what the abbreviation stands for, as it is to be displayed, with the page link automatically derived from it; else, it is the page to link to, with the display form specified separately in 2= normally required
2 see comments for 1= normally omitted
3 English-language gloss optional
tr Manual transliteration normally omitted, defaulting to the automatic transliteration of the display form
cap If non-empty, capitalize the first letter of clipping normally omitted
dot If non-empty, punctuation to emit after the rest of the template normally omitted, and no punctuation will be emitted

The page is automatically placed in the category Category:Russian clippings and Category:Russian abbreviations.

Word Code Result Notes
а́ва (áva) {{ru-clipping of|авата́р||[[avatar]]}} clipping of авата́р (avatár, avatar) links to the page named аватар (accents automatically stripped)
контро́льная (kontrólʹnaja) {{ru-clipping of|контро́льная рабо́та|gloss=control task}}: a (small) [[test]] {{gloss|at school}} clipping of контро́льная рабо́та (kontrólʹnaja rabóta): a (small) test (at school) note literal meaning using the gloss param, and fluent definition following the template

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