Use this template to specify a sense qualifier (a gloss) for a usage note, synonym, antonym, related term, or other -onym. For other situations, the following templates are prefered:

  • To provide a context for a definition, use {{label}} instead.
  • To qualify a list item with something other than a sense gloss (e.g. to qualify a synonym with a region or register), use {{qualifier}} instead.
  • To format glosses in definitions of non-English words, use {{gloss}} instead.
* {{sense|an oath or affirmation}} [[promise]], [[vow]], [[word]] {{qualifier|informal}}


This template allows readers to customize the styles of sense glosses. Your current style is this:

Some readers, however, prefer special treatment for sense glosses and other qualifiers:

Readers can customize the styles using WT:PREFS or by editing their personal CSS files (e.g. Special:Mypage/monobook.css), as described in WT:CUSTOM.

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