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  1. (Internet slang) Encloses plain text that would be underlined or italicized if formatting was available.
    • 1999 December 16, Dorothy J Heydt, “Re: Yourself in your work was Re: Colons”, in rec.arts.sf.composition[1] (Usenet; in English), message-ID <FMuBI8.88w@kithrup.com>:
      There's a scene in _Return of the Jedi_ where some little humanoid makes some remarks in an unidentified language.
    • 2000 March 20, Webwalker [username], “Re: [Vampire] Ravnos”, in alt.games.whitewolf[2] (Usenet; in English):
      So far, there's very little in the WoD that strikes me as Marvelish. I don't mind the occasional "returns from the dead" kind of story, but it seems to be looking like _every_ Antideluvian has faked/will fake their own deaths at one time or another.
    • 2006, "Frans Pop", Re: Bug#378404: installation guide: one more additional proposal (on newsgroup linux.debian.maint.boot)
      You could have asked: is there a reason this easy patch was not applied, either on IRC or private mail by me. You did write a comment on IRC and I did see it. Problem is that you did not highlight me _and_ you did not wait for an answer.

Synonyms edit

  • / /, * * (encloses text for emphasis)