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Punctuation markEdit

* *

  1. (Internet slang) Encloses a word or phrase to indicate emphasis; especially, used in plain-text contexts to simulate italics or boldface.
    This is a *big* problem.
    • 2020 May 26, “The White House is getting *very* worried about the Senate majority”, in CNN[1] (in English), retrieved 2 October 2020:
  2. (chiefly Internet slang) Encloses an interpretation; an action described as if it were actually happening, in English typically written in the third-person.
    I have something for you! *gives her a cookie*
    *stares absentmindedly at the wall*
    *internal screaming*


  • (encloses text for emphasis): / /, _ _


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  1. An emoticon representing starry eyes, an expression of joy.