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yo Oníṣe yìí èdè abínibí rẹ̀ ni Yorùbá.
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ase-1 This user can communicate at a basic level in American Sign Language.
jje-1 이 ᄉᆞ용잔 제줏말ᄒᆞ꼼 ᄀᆞᆯ아져ᇝ우다.
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About Me edit

Hi! My name is Báyọ̀ (he/him), and I've been an active member of Wiktionary for the past year or so. I've been pursuing a B.S.A. in Computer Science & a B.A. in Spanish & French and a minor in Korean, and work as a Software Engineer. My main projects have been focusing on improving the digitalization of Yorùbá, 제줏말 (jejunmal) (Jeju language), Naijá (also known as Nigerian Pidgin) and other minority languages, starting with Yorùbá entries as seen here: ọ̀kan (Wiktionary's Foreign Word of the Day for September 23, 2021), and with 제줏말 lemmas as found here: ᄒᆞ다 (hawda). I focus a lot on making sure that entries are created well first with as much information as reasonably possible (derived terms, usage examples, quotes, references), which may lead me to work on entries for weeks at a time, so if you request an entry, it may take longer than expected. Feel free to leave me a message or tag me if you have any questions!

On Wiktionary edit

Modules created:

Notable entries created:

Current Projects:

  • Adding the Yorùbá alphabet as entries (completed)
  • Creating a phonemic Yorùbá-to-IPA Module (pretty much done !!!)
  • Creating an auto-transcription module for Jeju (completed)
  • Creating an phonemic Jeju-to-IPA Module in-progress
  • Clear out Wiktionary:Requested entries (Yoruba)
  • Adding all attested countries in Yorùbá
  • Adding more academic language in Yorúbá
  • Adding all Yorùbá numbers as entries
  • Working on connecting Yorùbá to other Yoruboid languages (including Igala) and improving Yorùbá linguistics on the website in general
  • Clean up Yorùbá translations
  • Adding all 제줏말 numbers as entries
  • Create WT:About Jeju
  • Clean up 제줏말 translations
  • Clean up 제줏말 entries + add more dialectal terms
  • Create pronunciation module for Nupe
  • Create pronunciation module for Igala
  • Create number module for Gungbe
  • Create picture dictionary entries for several languages
  • Write up pages for Naijá, starting with numbers & body parts
  • Write up pages for Okinawan, starting with numbers & body parts
  • Write up pages for Ainu, starting with numbers & body parts

Stretch goals:

  • Jeju conjugation module

All pages (not entries) created

Language Resources edit

Yorùbá Resources edit

제줏말 Resources edit

Naijá Resources edit