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Tasks edit

  1. Finish West Makian
    1. Enter remaining Collins entries
    2. Grammatical terms
    3. Numerals and Counters/Classifiers
    4. Scour for etymologies - East Makian (Collins dictionary and recent Taba dictionary too) and NH
    5. Usage examples (From Voorhoeve & Collins, and from Qasidahs online)
    6. "Derived terms" sections
  2. Finish Ternate
    1. Hayami-Allen: C, D, E, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, NG, O, P
    2. Hayami-Allen: Grammar, Numerals, Classifiers
    3. Hayami-Allen: usage examples (in Jawi script if possible)
    4. Make all Jawi entries secondary (Jawi spelling of)
    5. de Clercq: All entries
    6. de Clercq: Usage examples
    7. run through all the Ternate resources below
  3. Clean/Delete Proto-NH entries
  4. Sahu or Tidore?

More North Halmaheran Reconstructions edit

For reconstructions that seem a little more reasonable.

Ternate/Tidore Potential Linguistic Influence edit

Ternate Sultanate Domains edit

  • Maluku:
    • Bacan island
    • Halmahera:
      • North Halmahera
      • West Halmahera
    • Makian island
    • Morotai island
    • Moti island?

  • Ambon island (for a while, then Portuguese)
  • Ambelau island (nominal)
  • Buru island (nominal)
  • Seram island (nominal, through Buru)

  • Sulawesi:
    • Buton island
    • Central Sulawesi
      • Banggai kabupaten
    • North Sulawesi?
      • Manado and surrounding regions

  • Alor

Tidore Sultanate Domains edit

  • Maluku:
    • Halmahera:
      • Central Halmahera
    • Mare island?

  • Gebe island

  • Raja Empat:
    • Batanta
    • Misool
    • Salawati
    • Waigeo

  • Papua:
    • Bird's Head:
      • Onin peninsula
    • Kaimana kabupaten
    • Biak islands

Resources edit

Ternate resources edit

Tidore resources edit

Tabaru resources edit

Pagu resources edit

Ibu resources edit

  • Kamus dwibahasa Indonesia - Ibo (2014)

Sahu resources edit

West Makian resources edit

Loloda resources edit

Kao resources edit

  • Kamus kecil Bahasa Kao - Fanny Henry Tondo (2013)
  • Kamus pengantar Kao-Indonesia - A. Budiman (2012)

Gamkonora resources edit

  • Kamus kecil Gamkonora-Indonesia-Inggris - John Bowden Imelda (2014)

Galela resources edit