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I am proudly South African, and an admin here.

South Africa has a rich regional dialect, with words borrowed freely from the Nguni group of languages, Khoisan, Dutch, and some home grown ones. With the change in South Africa since 1990, words from the new elete are filtering into South African English at a tremendous rate and need to be recorded. While some may be nine day wonders, others have found a niche and will no doubt remain. A very good source book for South African English is 'A dictionary of South African English' edited by Jean Branford. however, this is now somewhat dated, and needs to be updated. Oxford has recently produced a dictionary with a South African bias, but I personally dont like it as it is not detailed enough and does not show usage. So...

Things to do:

  • Add South African regional English with usage notes.
  • Link South African English to the category.
  • Add etymologies.
  • Add other interesting words as I find them.

Appendix:Collective nouns

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