I think it'd be more appropriate to give a separate reply here instead of directly modifying the text above.

First of all, I think @Octahedron80 would prefer to have each syllable separated by "-" without any blank space, because he's just added some features that enable automatic catagorisation based on syllable numbers. So, I will add "-" between all syllables (such as "สา-ทา-ระ-นะ-รัด-แอ๊บ..." instead of "สา-ทา-ระ-นะ-รัด แอ๊บ...").

Second, I have no idea about neutralised tones (such as "ระ" vs "ร̄ะ"). So, I won't show differences between tones and neutralised tones.

Third, the terms are pronounced as follows:

I hope @Octahedron80 will countercheck the pronunciations given above. --หมวดซาโต้ (talk) 08:31, 23 April 2017 (UTC)