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Hi everyone. I am an administrator in Swedish Wikipedia (where I have a more advanced user page), in Swedish Wiktionary and in Swedish Wikinews, and have worked for various Wikimedia projects, mostly Wikipedia but also said wikis as well as on Wikimedia Commons, since 2006. My age is 16 and my location is Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden. I enjoy politics (especially promoting human rights in my work for the Pirate Party), bird-watching and, of course, the spreading and development of free knowledge.

Birdwatching in sunrise in the wondrous island of Landsort, one of my favorite places of Earth and one of the best activities of life.

I love language and English Wiktionary is a preeminent help when communicating in a foreign tongue; mostly, I have used Wiktionary when doing homework for my spanish class, and quite recently started using it as well when editing spanish Wikipedia, where I've become quite active. The very nice wikipedians over there so kindly help me with correcting language errors in my articles; but without Wiktionary, I wouldn't even be able to produce the articles in the beginning. So kudos to all of you who have worked on, and are working on, this project! I try to give something back by adding Swedish translations to articles here that are lacking them; and I sometimes, I have even created new articles about Swedish words - perhaps this activity, which I plan to continue, will predominantly focus on bird related issues.

If you wonder anything, contact me at my talk page! Feel free to correct my bad grammar and spelling and such things.

My favorite words in English

Just a simple list. My knowledge of the language - and indeed, the fondness I have for certain phrases - originate in large parts from the mastery cultural works known as Lost, The Event and Harry Potter.

Articles I've created
This is me (or rather, my hand) holding a coal tit during ringing of birds at said Landsort. From there, I have uploaded quite some pictures to Commons. Also, my third article ever on Wiktionary in English was about Swedish term for ringing, ringmärkning.

In chronological order, with the English meaning of the words afterward, in italics:

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