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I love plaintext emoticons :) ;)

Where is Aramaki Morozov?



This user gives interesting arguments, including dubiousness of "Peninsular Japonic" (and relation of Japonic to Korean; even borrowed), and some tonal stuff. However, on September 2023, s/he suddenly dissappeared without a single warning. Since then, not a single edit was made by him/her.

He had claimed to be a "native Japanese" speaker.

Speculations are that 1. he simply quit (either temporarily or permanently), 2. he is busy and thus his absence from Wikimedia, 3. he may be studying abroad somewhere. Who knows? Anyways...

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If anything of these values change, please ping me.


  • (Tokyo) チュリクス [chùtéꜜrìkùsù] (Nakadaka – [2])
  • IPA(key): [t͡ɕɨte̞ɾʲikɯ̟sɨ]

Playground (or is it?)


User:Chuterix/maasun cogs Category:Vietnamese terms derived from Chinese

"[...] he[sic – meaning Mori 1991, cited by Miyake 2003] argued that there were two different writing systems in Shoki instead of a single System-E-based orthography. Phonograms in what he called the “beta section” of Shoki (volumes 1–13, 22, 23, 28, and 29) reflected what Arisaka (1955: 191) called “Japanese sounds” (wa-on); i.e., OJ period Sino-Japanese pronunciations rather than authentic Middle Chinese (MC). On the other hand, phonograms in the rest of Shoki – his “alpha section” – directly reflected MC. " - Miyake, Marc Hideo 2003: Old Japanese, a phonetic reconstruction. RoutledgeCurzon isbn (e-book) 0-203-51072-0.

Beta section poems are 1-73 and 102-105. Vice versa, alpha section poems are 74-101, 106-128. Bentley 1997, MO and PO in Old Japanese

U+309A FTW!

゚ < copy this

゙ < and this


ɿ イ゚ ィ゚ い゚ ぃ゚

₁ ₂


不規則 (fukisoku, irregular)

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