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I was born and raised in Wales by an English mum. Accordingly, English is my first (and by far, best) language, but I speak a casual amount of Welsh. I learned French in school for three years, but apart from some colours and the fact that hair and horses are easily confused, I forget most of it.


I'm fascinated by language in many ways, the sharing of words between languages, the way new words develop and old words change. I can't agree with the use of "pacific" in place of "specific", but at least when it goes into the dictionary as such, I'll be able to tell people how it came about.

I am endeavouring to learn Latin, though it's a learning curve coming from a language with almost no gender or case use. All these nouns that decline and have their own genders, and adjectives that also decline, but differently depending on the noun they describe. Then you have verb conjugations - there's a reason English has the simple past tense. It's because it is simple. From what I know so far, I think the only thing that's simpler in Latin is pronunciation, which is nice and consistent compared to my much-loved English.



palūs, f, (gen palūdis) - Swamp, marsh, fen

To doEdit

Latin translation for connect (any definitions possible).