I know the Russian language well enough to explain tiny details of the context, but I don't have a degree in natural languages.

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Russian, English.

Russian prefixes: о-

Russian suffixes: -ок -тельн adverbal

2017 Russian morphology is still missing at wiktionary. Thankfully I have sources other than en.wiktionary.org/ru.wiktionary.org - whatever present here is useless.

Short explanation: ru.wiktionary heavily relies on works from Tikhonov

And his morphological dictionaries are okay for most part, except when are not:

  • любознательный = любознательн (root) + ый (ending)

where it can be only

  • любознательный = любить (root) + -о- + знать (root) + -тельн (suffix) + ый (ending)

I cannot explain why "любознательн" can be a root. Another problem with Tikhonov dictionaries is that they chunk suffixes more than needed in other situations.

Problem with en.wiktionary.org as it disrespects each and every language for sake of unknown reasons, that's why we have pearls like:

Another thing why en.wikitionary would never develop for mature use is edits like this and "discussions" like this

  • Conduct
    • Removals of РГ-80/РГ-05 without discussion won't be tolerated.
    • Appeal to tradition without links to prior discussion will be ignored: "Don't make major changes in formatting or etymological practice until you have consensus to do so" and such
      • "and there had been absolutely no discussion anywhere" as the only message in discussion on exact topic
      • "I and others have tried to explain to you the way things are done here at Wiktionary" - random statements about non-standard interpretations of the Russian
    • Repeated requests be ignored. When I say I will stop, I mean it.
  • Priotiries
    • I have troubles reading massive phonology rules (14-122 pp) therefore I will not make any edits to IPA or stress. As native speaker, I miss a double/multiple stress very often.
    • I'm not touching Declensions or Conjugations yet as they require some linguistic background; I prefer to edit synonyms, labels and ety instead of them

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