I am Turkish but live in the states.

Languages in order:

  • English (native)
  • Turkish (native-ish)
  • Korean (advanced! but I don't like editing Korean pages on here, I mainly just read them)
  • Spanish (moderate)

First two are from upbringing, last two are from studying for fun, talking to people, traveling, etc.

My edits have largely been to Indo-European language pages. I am scolded by admins on here way less frequently than I used to be, so I like to think that I am becoming accepted for my contributions.

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Djkcel edit

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /diːdʒeɪ ˈkeɪ t͡ʃel/

Etymology edit

From DJ (I used to be a DJ) + k (first initial) + shortening of Turkish Çelebi, an Ottoman title. When I created my Wikipedia account well over a decade ago you weren't allowed to have spaces in usernames, and I've been too lazy to change it since.

Random pages edit