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tok-1 jan ni li ken toki pona lili e toki pona.
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About me


I'm a proud Irish, native English speaker with a deep facination with lingustics. Currently studying German (Advanced), German Literature, Japanese (Beginners), Politics and Linguistics for a bachelor's in Applied Languages at UL. I hope to some day become an English teacher in Germany or Japan. I'm not much of an anime fan but I am a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Favourite Contributions

  1. grindset
  2. Kampfgeist
  3. fighting spirit
  4. Leaving Cert, Junior Cert etc.
  5. transition year
  6. 幽波紋
  7. dole merchant
  8. かんさ
  9. gekyume
  10. Irish American
  11. McDeutsch
  12. All of the counties of Ireland and the North of Ireland in Japanese

Where I Get My Future Entries

  1. I generally tend to check the Japanese version of hiragana disambiguation pages and create any and all missing pages.
  2. Finish adding all entries in List of British bingo nicknames
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