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gem-pro-2 Hiz neutandz sumą kunþiją Þiudiskōniz tungōniz habaiþi.
got-2 𐍃𐌰 𐌽𐌹𐌿𐍄𐌰𐌽𐌳𐍃 𐌷𐌰𐌱𐌰𐌹𐌸 𐌼𐌹𐌳𐌾𐌹𐍃 𐌼𐌴𐍄𐌹𐍃 𐌺𐌿𐌽𐌸𐌹 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺𐍉𐌽𐍃 𐍂𐌰𐌶𐌳𐍉𐍃.
Sa niutands habaiþ midjis mētis kunþi Gutiskōns razdōs.
es-1 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.
cel-pro-1 Ki ɸareberetos wéydtus bunatos kentukeltīka selwāti.
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Hi, I’m Holodwig21. I'm Wiktionarian working to improve reconstructed languages that weren't well documented as Latin and Ancient Greek. My knowledge of reconstruction languages and Gothic are self-taught, so I’ll be thankful if those who know more about these languages warn me about the mistakes I make.

For now I work with Proto-Germanic and Proto-Celtic; I also work with Gothic. Despite being a native speaker of Portuguese I don't work much with it, maybe in the future. Another language I would like to work would be Proto-Indo-European however, I'm staying away. I normally add references, in Gothic I add quotes; if I don't that is because I couldn't find them. I may edit pages that are without reference or even add some if I find them.

In regards to references I work with:

  • Proto-Germanic: Guus Kroonen (2013), Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic or Vladimir Orel (2003) A Handbook of Germanic Etymology; I also check Gerhard Köbler's wordbook whenever possible.
  • Proto-Celtic: Ranko Matasović (2009) Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic and DIL or Dictionary of the Irish Language: Based Mainly on Old and Middle Irish Materials for Old irish terms.

Explanation of my choice in Babel:

  • Portuguese: Native speaker.
  • English: Grew up with it.
  • Proto-Germanic: Self-taught, although I can't speak it.
  • Gothic: Self-taught.
  • Spanish: Some things are similar to Portuguese, I also can understand some written Spanish.
  • Proto-Celtic: Working with the Proto-language however, my knowledge of it's shady.
  • Cyrillic alphabet: Tried to learn Russian once, gave up upon it, but I retained some knowledge of the the alphabet.
  • Runic alphabet: working with Proto-Germanic indirectly lead me to the runic alphabet, some letters I dislike but I can comprehend the Elder Futhark without issue.

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