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foster carers foster child foster children foster daughter foster daughters foster families foster family foster father foster home foster homes foster mother foster parent foster parenting foster parents foster son foster youth fouettés en tournant fought a series of clashes along their border fought and destroyed each other fought for two days and nights fought house to house fought house-to-house fought on fought over fought skirmishes fought with the money changers foul air foul ball foul balls foul blows foul brood foul draft foul foreign earthly bodies foul language foul languages foul line foul lines foul mouthed foul odor foul off foul out foul papers foul play foul pole foul poles foul shooter foul shooting foul territory foul the air foul tip foul tips foul trouble foul-strike rule fouled anchor fouled anchors fouling community fouling himself fouling it off fouling off fouling organism fouling out fouling resistance fouls and misconduct fouls out found a new element found art found dead found footage found guilty found here found literature found manuscript found material found materials found naturally found new life found oBjects found object found objects found offensive found on a floppy disk found on a list found on food labels found only found photography found poem found poems found poetry found religion found sound found sounds found texts found the law to be constitutional found to be using found unconstitutional foundation anchor foundation axiom foundation breeds foundation college foundation course foundation courses foundation crisis foundation day school foundation degree foundation degrees foundation deposit foundation deposits foundation engineering foundation engineers foundation for mathematics foundation garment foundation garments foundation hospitals foundation makeup foundation note foundation of building foundation of faith foundation of mathematics foundation of substance foundation ontologies foundation ontology foundation piles foundation players foundation programme foundation school foundation schools foundation sires foundation species foundation status foundation stock service foundation stone foundation stones foundation training foundation trust foundation trust hospitals foundation trusts foundation undergarments foundation wall foundation walls foundation wear foundational beliefs foundational crisis of mathematics foundational hand foundational mathematics foundational physics foundational theory foundational value foundationalist theories of justification foundations for mathematics foundations of arithmetic foundations of elementary geometry foundations of mathematics foundations of measurement foundations of probability theory foundations of quantum mechanics foundations of quantum theory founded on microeconomic principles founded their own railroads founder crops founder effect founder effects founder events founder mutation founder of sokode founder of the founder of the diocese founder of the scouting movement founder population founder populations founder temples foundered horses founding a colony founding club founding clubs founding convention founding director founding document founding dynasty founding editor founding father founding fathers founding figures founding leadership election founding legend founding member founding members founding mothers founding myth founding myths founding of the city founding of the nation founding population founding prophet founding season founding stallions founding state founding treaty founding trilogy foundling baby foundling girl foundling hospital foundry companies foundry engineer foundry industry foundry model foundry sand foundry service foundry type fount of honour fount of type fountain beverages fountain codes fountain darter fountain drink fountain drinks fountain grass fountain of life fountain of youth fountain parlor fountain pen fountain pen inks fountain pens fountain soda fountain that performs to music fountain worship fountains of the deep four "Ps" four "national projects" four 'greater' tribal groups four aims of life four alchemical elements four ancient elements of nature four and five star sector four archetypal personalities four areas four arts four ball four bar link four bar linkage four bar mechanism four base pairs four baseball championships and three football championships four battles four biggest rivers four bird brothers four bits four black college students four black students four bodily humours four bomb blasts four books four broad and hierarchical occupations four bronze horses four brothers four by two four campuses four candles four cardinal ingredients of beer four cardinal principles four cardinal virtues four categories of questions four causes four celestial animals four chambered hearts four channel audio four character code four character codes four classes four classes per day four classical elements four classical temperaments four color four color map problem four color offset four color offset lithography four color problem four color process four color theorem four colors four colour problem four colour theorem four common spaces four competing candidates four components of mind control four consecutive balls four consecutive lists four constituent countries four continents four cores four corner encoding four corner method four corners four corners offense four corners region four countries four cultivated arts four cycle four cyclists four cylinder four cylinder design four cylinder engine four cylinder engines four cylinder opposed four days later four days of rioting four days of riots four deer four defence and security forces four designated garrison zones four designated wilderness areas four different ages four different classes four different damage patterns four different major league sports four different ways of responding to a threat four digit system four dimensional four dimensionalism four dimensions four directions four discourses four distinct varieties four divine abodes four divisions of society four dorsally four early teams four economic freedoms four element four element theory four elemental four elements four elements of hip hop four emperors four empresses four estates four ethnic groups four faced clock four fermion interaction four fermion interactions four fields of knowledge four firesteels four foot pitch four foot, eight-and-a-half-inches four forces four forces of nature four foundation four frames of reference four freedoms four fundamental subspaces four genders four generals four giants four go houses four gospels four graduated worlds four great four great blessings four great classical novels four great novels four great races four great schools four green fields four hand four helix bundle four helix bundle cytokines four high school football divisions four home runs four home runs in a game four home runs in a single game four home runs in one game four homers four horned antelope four horsemen four houses four humors four humours four hundred four ifs four immediate successors four in hand four in hand knot four interleaved copies four international bridges and one railway bridge four lanes four large destroyers four largest moons four lashes of the cane four leaf clover four legs four lesser blessings four letter word four letter words four levels of being four living four lower four mafia families four main areas four main divisions of society four main islands four main leftist parties four main professional sports leagues four main provinces four main universities four major four major banks four major basilicas four major clans four major professional titles four major schools four major sports teams four miles away four minute barrier four minute mile four minute miler four minute miles four minute warning four modernizations four monarchies four month lockout four months earlier four most famous classical four most notable assassins four national parks four natural elements four new years four nuclear power plants four numbered string quartets four o'clock four occupation zones four occupations four of a kind four of whom four official languages four on four elimination match four on the floor four or five-star resorts four or more dimensions four other bids four other major mining accidents in the past four other players four p's four panel four panel comics four panel manga four papers four paradoxes four parallel tunnels four period plan four periods of life four pests four phenomena four pieces for string quartet four pillar four pillars four pillars of destiny four player four player co-op four player gameplay four players four points of the compass four points on the compass four population groups on the island four poster four poster bed four poster beds four primary angles four primary elements four principles four printing shades four provinces four provincial highways four quadrants four questions four rail four rails four rape convictions four requisites four runs four schools four score and seven years ago four seasons four seasons of weather four second divisions four sequels four shotguns four sights four small inner moons four social estates four songs with explicit lyrics four sons four species four speed four speed transmission four spinners four spirits four square four square numbers four square theorem four stages four stages of competence four stages of enlightenment four stages of life four stages of realization four stags four star four star admiral four star general four star generals four star hotels four star officer four stars four stockings and a blaze four stomachs four string four string quartets four stroke four stroke cycle four stroke engine four stroke engines four stroke internal combustion four stroke piston engine four students were killed four temperaments four terminal measurement four terrorist explosions four thousanders four times four times platinum four to the floor four tones four track four track machines four track recorder four traditional schools four treasures of the study four trusts four valve four valves four valves per cylinder four vector four velocity four volume work four volumes four wall line dance four wars four wave mixing four waves four way bout four way match four well-beings four wheel brakes four wheel drive four wheel drivers four wheel drives four wheel driving four wheel steering four wheeler four winds four wire circuit four wire circuits four wires four worlds four would-be fantasy heroes four year college four year deal four year degrees four yearly cycle four years four years after it was made four years ago four years earlier four years later four years of occupation four zones of occupation four α-helix bundle family four-armed frogfish four-bar linkage four-barrel carburetors four-body decays four-cam engine four-card majors four-center two-electron bond four-center two-electron bonds four-character idiom four-character idioms four-color conjecture four-color decks four-color printing four-color problem four-color process four-color theorem four-corner method four-corner survival match four-crop rotation four-cylinder engine four-cylinder engines four-cylinder in-line engine four-dimensional bodies four-dimensional figures four-dimensional geometry four-dimensional space four-dimensional sphere four-episode series four-eyed fish four-eyed fishes four-field crop rotation four-finger cross-string trill four-firm concentration ratio four-fold increase four-hand piano four-helix bundle four-horned antelope four-horned deer four-hundred young men are estimated to have been expelled four-in-hand coach four-in-hand knot four-in-hand neckties four-in-hand tie four-lane alignment four-lane divided expressway four-lane highway four-lane toll highway four-lane undivided freeway four-leaf clover four-leaf clovers four-legged animals four-legged creatures four-letter abbreviation four-letter acronym four-letter word four-letter words four-level approach four-level court system four-level interchange four-lion capital four-man bobsleigh gold medal four-man-elimination match four-membered ring four-men bobsleigh four-minute barrier four-minute mile four-minute warning four-month siege four-month war four-movement form of the classical sonata four-note theme four-octave range four-octave vocal range four-panel comic-strip four-panel comics four-part harmony four-party agreement four-party coalition government four-phase asynchronous protocol four-phosphate-adaptor protein four-pocket sports shirts four-point probe four-point reform four-power organisation four-power organizations four-quadrant gate four-quadrant gates four-quadrant multiplier four-rail system four-score and seven four-seam fastball four-second delay four-shafted looms four-speed manual transmission four-square cipher four-square ciphers four-square theorems four-star admiral four-star admirals four-star general four-star hotel four-star insignia four-star officer four-star officers four-star posts four-star rank four-star restaurants four-stone handicap four-storey building four-story wall four-stroke cycle four-stroke engine four-stroke engines four-stroke petrol engine four-term fallacy four-terminal sensing four-throw crank four-time national champion four-to-twenty milliampere loop four-toed statue four-track or eight-track machines four-track recorder four-track recording four-track recordings four-vector potential four-vertex theorem four-wave mixing four-way dance four-way double-elimination match four-way elimination match four-way junction structure four-way main event four-way stop four-way stops four-wheel brakes four-wheel drive four-wheel drive four-wheel drive vehicle four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive four-wheel drives four-wheel driving four-wheel steering four-wheel transmissions four-wheel-drive vehicles four-winged saltbush four-wire circuit four-wire circuits four-wire terminating set four-year college four-year colleges four-year conflict four-year degree four-year institution four-year occupation four-year scholarship four-year universities four-year university four-year-old girl four-yearly tournament fourchette piercing fourfinger threadfins fourfold linguistic division fourhorn sculpin fourier operator fourier series fourier transform fourier transform infrared spectroscopy fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance fourier transformations fourleaf wild-yam fourpenny piece fourrth century foursome matches fourteen basic operating rules fourteen children fourteen civil parishes fourteen commandments fourteen days fourteen eventually became domesticated fourteen game match fourteen gerarai fourteen high schools fourteen moderate senators fourteen most helpful saints in heaven fourteen or fifteen fourteen other currencies fourteen points fourteen segment display fourteen syllables fourteen terminal stations fourteen to one fourteen unanswerable questions fourteen worlds fourteen years later fourteen-point constitutional reform plan fourteen-segment display fourteen-segment displays fourteen-syllable couplets fourteen-syllable line fourteen-syllable metre fourteenth amendment fourteenth centuries fourteenth century fourteenth century madrigal fourteenth congress fourteenth day fourteenth day of the first month fourteenth district fourteenth season 16-bit fourth console generation 16-bit console generation fourth 16-bit console generation fourth -seed playoff fourth adaptation fourth album fourth album of the same name fourth amendment fourth and fifth generation fourth and fifth radio series fourth and last empire fourth anti-French coalition fourth aortic arch fourth assessment report fourth assessment report fourth attack fourth ballot fourth best-selling game fourth book fourth branch of government fourth branchial arch fourth campaign fourth centuries fourth century fourth century predecessor fourth century AD fourth century BC fourth class fourth commandment fourth condition fourth condition problem fourth congress fourth congressional district fourth consecutive election defeat fourth cousin fourth cousin once removed fourth crusade fourth cycle fourth day fourth deadliest fourth declension fourth degree black belt fourth dimension fourth dimensional fourth district fourth districts fourth division fourth divisions fourth down fourth down and 26 fourth down conversion fourth down conversions fourth dynasty fourth earl fourth election fourth episode fourth estate fourth expansion fourth expedition fourth fastest fourth feature film fourth film fourth finger fourth footnote fourth form fourth game fourth general election fourth generation fourth generation console era fourth generation consoles fourth generation era fourth generation fighter jet fourth generation fighters fourth generation language fourth generation language fourth generation languages fourth generation leadership fourth generation of leadership fourth generation shading pipelines fourth generation war fourth generation warfare fourth gospel fourth government fourth grade fourth graders fourth great and bountiful human empire fourth greatest female star fourth group fourth harbour crossing tunnel fourth harmonic generation fourth highest county in the country based on median household income fourth highest goalscorer ever fourth hole fourth house fourth in its class fourth in line fourth incarnation fourth installment fourth installment's fourth instalment fourth largest fourth largest lake fourth largest object fourth largest unsupported dome fourth layer fourth level fourth line fourth longest river fourth magnitude fourth mandate fourth mate fourth member fourth metacarpal fourth metatarsal fourth metatarsal bone fourth moon fourth most abundant chemical element fourth most populous city fourth movie fourth national elections fourth national level fourth normal form fourth nuclear power plant fourth official fourth officials fourth opera fourth out fourth outfielder fourth outfielders fourth partition fourth perforating artery fourth period fourth person fourth pharyngeal pouch fourth piano concerto fourth place fourth place world ranking fourth plague fourth plinth fourth plot arc fourth position fourth power fourth powers fourth quarter fourth radio episode fourth rail fourth rate fourth rates fourth release fourth republic fourth round fourth season fourth season finale fourth season finalé fourth section fourth semifinal fourth series fourth servicing mission fourth session fourth smallest city fourth spatial dimension fourth star fourth story arc fourth strategic offensive fourth street fourth studio album fourth style frescoes fourth supplementary election fourth symphony fourth television channel fourth tier fourth time fourth title fourth tournament fourth track fourth trochanter fourth umpire fourth umpires fourth ventricle fourth violin sonata fourth volume fourth vow fourth wall fourth wall-breaking fourth wall. fourth year fourth-degree burns fourth-generation fighter aircraft fourth-generation fighters fourth-generation iPod classic fourth-generation language fourth-generation programming language fourth-generation programming languages fourth-largest city fourth-largest fleet of aircraft fourth-oldest man in the world fourth-ranked team fourth-seed playoff fourth-stage rocket casing fourth-wall breach fourth-wall violations fourth-winningest manager fourth-world country. fourth-year undergraduate fourwing saltbush fovea capitis femoris fovea capituli fovea centralis fovea dentis fovea trochlearis foveal hypoplasia foveal vision foveola suprameatica fowl adenovirus 1 fowl pox fowler flaps fowling piece fowlpox virus fox and geese fox bolting fox covert fox deity fox games fox grape fox grapes fox hole fox hounds fox hunt fox hunted fox hunter fox hunters fox hunting fox hunting ban fox hunting legislation fox hunts fox kit fox palms fox servants fox snake fox sparrow fox spirit fox spirits fox sports fox squirrel fox squirrels fox terrier fox terriers fox trot fox-trot record foxhole radio foxhole sets foxtail cactus foxtail grass foxtail millet foxy boxing fozivudine tidoxil fps magazine fpt industries fra fra fractal antenna fractal antennas fractal art fractal artwork fractal artworks fractal canopy fractal city fractal coatings fractal compression fractal curve fractal curves fractal dimension fractal dimensions fractal flame fractal flames fractal geometry fractal image compression fractal landscapes fractal mathematics fractal mechanics fractal music fractal noise fractal set fractal system fractal theory fractal transform fractile bands fraction field fraction of the sphere fraction of variance unexplained fraction strips fractional odds traditional odds fractional traditional odds fractional calculus fractional cascading fractional chromatic index fractional chromatic number fractional crystallisation fractional crystallization fractional currency fractional day fractional delay fractional dimensions fractional distillation columns fractional excretion of sodium fractional factorial design fractional factorial designs fractional financing fractional freezing fractional frequency fractional graph theory fractional ideal fractional ideals fractional integration fractional iteration fractional jet fractional jets fractional knapsack problem fractional linear transform fractional linear transformation fractional linear transformations fractional linear transforms fractional mathematics fractional melting fractional odds fractional orbital bombardment system fractional order control fractional order differentiation fractional order integrator fractional order mappings fractional ownership fractional part fractional parts fractional powers fractional proof fractional rate of change fractional relaxation fractional reserve banking fractional reserve banking system fractional reserves fractional rig fractional rigged fractional rigs fractional shares fractional sodium excretion fractional solution fractional statistics fractional transfer fractional-linear map fractional-reserve banking fractionated exposure fractionated spacecraft fractionating column fractionating columns fractionation column fractoluminescent jets fracture critical fracture dislocation fracture filled diamonds fracture glass fracture implants fracture mechanics fracture reduction fracture strain fracture stress fracture tolerant fracture toughness fracture zone fracture zones fractured his arm fractured rib fractured spine fraenulum veli frag grenades fragaria viridis fraggle attacks fragile base class fragile base class problem fragile desert plant life fragile fern fragile histidine tetrads fragile matter fragile political transition fragile site fragile sites fragile state fragile x syndrome fragment antigen binding fragment condensation fragment crystallizable region fragment identifier fragment identifiers fragment molecular orbital analysis fragment processing fragmentary gospel fragmentation bomb fragmentation grenade fragmentation grenades fragmentation re-assembly fragmentation shells fragmentation warheads fragmented distribution fragmented habitat fragmented habitats fragmented into several smaller states fragmented landscape fragmented population fragments of a planet fragrance fixative fragrance industry fragrance oil fragrance oils fragrant agrimony fragrant candles fragrant herbs fragrant oils fragrant olive blossoms fragrant orchid fragrant spices fragrant waters fragrant wood fragrant woodfern frail aged fraises des bois frame alignment frame analysis theory frame and distance frame and panel frame ball frame beacons frame buffer frame buffer object frame buffers frame bundle frame by frame frame capturing frame check sequence frame construction frame dependent frame device frame dragging frame drum frame drums frame element frame elements frame episode frame field frame fields frame fields in general relativity frame grabber frame grabbers frame grabbing frame house frame housing frame language frame languages frame leader frame line frame lines frame material frame matroid frame narrative frame narratives frame of government frame of reference frame overo frame per second frame pointer frame problem frame rail frame rails frame rate frame rate correction frame rates frame readout cameras frame redirects frame relay frame rotating frame saw frame semantics frame shift mutation frame size frame stocks. frame stores frame stories frame story frame structure frame synchronization frame synchronizers frame tale frame tubes frame vernacular frame window frame wipes frame-alignment signal frame-based language frame-based system frame-based systems frame-dragging effect frame-tray puzzles frame-work of retina framebuffer console framebuffer device framed knot framed knots framed link framed links framed manifolds framed tube frameless construction framers intent frames and locales frames long frames of film frames of meaning frames of reference frames per second frames per second frames-per-second frameshift mutation frameshift mutations framework agreement framework agreements framework hypothesis framework interpretation framework knitters framework knitters' framework knitting framework of the area of freedom, security and justice framework silicates framework stacks framework structure social sciences framing additions framing analysis framing bits framing device framing effect framing effects in economics framing error framing hammer framing in building construction framing information framing narrative framing narratives framing of suspects framing sequence framing sequences framing standard framing story framing studs framing tale franc congolais franc currency franc zone france under-17 football team franchise activism franchise agreement franchise agreements franchise auction franchise enterprises franchise fee franchise films franchise food franchise history franchise jurisdiction franchise model franchise opportunity franchise owner franchise owners franchise player franchise produce franchise restaurant franchise restaurants franchise system franchise tag franchise tax franchise taxes franchised bus route franchised businesses franchised format franchised restaurants franchised system of stores franchising its concept francis turbine francis turbines franco-prussian war francophone countries francophone curses and expletives francs tireurs frangible bullet frangible nut frangible nuts frango ao molho pardo frango de churrasco frankfurter or hot dog frankfurter sausages franki piles franking credit franking credits franking machine franking machines franking privilege franking privileges franklin mountain talus snail franklin mountain woodland snail franquist regime français neutre frat boy frat house frat house initiation rituals frat houses frat pack frat rock frat stepping frater arvalis fraternal and financial institution fraternal association fraternal benefit socieities fraternal birth order fraternal birth order effect fraternal birth order research fraternal civic organization fraternal correction fraternal family of peoples fraternal institutions fraternal myotis fraternal organization fraternal organizations fraternal party fraternal polyandrous marriage fraternal polyandry fraternal religious fraternal snail fraternal societies fraternal society fraternal succession fraternal triplet fraternal twin fraternal twins