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table tennis live table tennis plate table tennis player table tennis players table top table top role-playing game table top wargame table top wargames table turning table wares table water table wine table wines table-based layouts table-driven testing table-top game table-top wargame table-top wargames tableau calculus tableau de réception tableau method tableau vivant tableau vivants tableaux prover tableaux vivant tableaux vivants tables at the temple tables game tables match tables of tables of contents tables of its values tables of logarithms tables of organization and equipment tables of precedence tables of the skull tables wares tablet computer tablet computers tablet computing tablet design tablet devices tablet exchange tablet pc hybrids tablet pens tablet weaving tablet-woven braids tableting agent tabletop game tabletop gamers tabletop games tabletop gaming tabletop miniature wargame tabletop miniatures tabletop miniatures wargame tabletop role-playing game tabletop role-playing games tabletop roleplaying game tabletop rpg tabletop strategy game tabletop sweetener tabletop train modeling tabletop wargame tabletop wargame with miniature figures tabletop wargames tabletop wargaming tablets and injections tablets of stone tablets or caplets tabloid celebrities tabloid format tabloid journalism tabloid magazine tabloid media tabloid newspaper tabloid newspapers tabloid press tabloid talk show tabloid talk shows tabloid television tabloid television show taboo activities taboo avoidance taboo breaking taboo deformation taboo on the dead taboo theme taboo word taboo words taboon bread taboos against incest tabor formation tabor pipe tabor pipes tabriz university tabu ball tabu search tabula in naufragio tabula rasa tabula rasa tabula rasa hypothesis tabula rasas tabula recta tabulae defixiones tabulae patronatus tabulae rasae tabular bones tabular data tabular format tabular grain tabular iceberg tabular icebergs tabulate corals tabulate the sine function tabulating machine tabulating machines taca arenosa tachinid flies tachinid fly tachycardia induced cardiomyopathy tachykinin peptide tachykinin receptor tachykinin receptor 1 tachykinin receptor 2 tachykinin receptor 3 tachyon condensation tachyon field tachyonic fields tachyonic quantum fields tacit assumptions tacit collusion tacit consent tacit knowing tacit knowledge tacit programming tacitly studied and reproduced tack and tape tack piano tack pianos tack shops tack strip tacked on tacking angle football move tackle block tackle boxes tackle eligible tackle-eligible plays tackles for loss tackling dummy taco al pastor taco bell taco salad taco salads taco shell taco shop taco sub taco trucks tacos al pastor tactic used by quarterbacks tactical advice tactical air control party tactical air force tactical air forces tactical air navigation tactical air power tactical airlift tactical airlifter tactical airlifters tactical airlifting tactical area of responsibility tactical art tactical assault tactical ballistic missile tactical ballistic missiles tactical battles tactical bomber tactical bombers tactical bombing tactical burden tactical call signs tactical communication tactical communications tactical computer games tactical crew tactical data link equipment tactical deception tactical deployments tactical divers tactical employment tactical events tactical fighter tactical first-person shooter tactical flashlights tactical forces tactical formation tactical formations tactical fouls tactical frivolity tactical games tactical holster tactical interrogation tactical jets tactical level tactical light tactical light or laser tactical lights tactical load tactical manoeuvre tactical map tactical media tactical military tactical missile tactical missiles tactical missions tactical nuclear tactical nuclear missile tactical nuclear missiles tactical nuclear projectiles tactical nuclear strikes tactical nuclear weapon tactical nuclear weapons tactical objectives tactical officer tactical operation tactical operations tactical operations center tactical orders tactical organization tactical orthodoxy tactical police force tactical principles tactical realism tactical reconnaissance tactical response tactical role playing game tactical role-playing tactical role-playing game tactical role-playing games tactical roleplaying game tactical roleplaying video game tactical shapes tactical shooter tactical shooters tactical signs tactical simulation tactical situation tactical strike tactical superiority tactical teams tactical training tactical transport tactical transports tactical turn-based tactical unit tactical units tactical unwind tactical victory tactical voting tactical war simulation tactical wargame tactical wargames tactical warp tactical withdrawal tactically vote tactics of intersubjectivity tactile ballot tactile corpuscles tactile defensiveness tactile discrimination tactile disks tactile feature tactile feedback tactile guided pathways tactile illusion tactile pad tactile paving tactile perception tactile poetry tactile sense tactile sensibility tactile sensitivity tactile sensor tactile sign tactile sign language tactile signing tactile sound tactile telekinesis tactile tiles tactile transducers tadpole cod tadpole cods tadpole fish tadpole madtom tadpole orbit tadpole orbits tadpole shrimp tadpole shrimps tae bo tae kwon tae kwon do tae kwon do stances tae kyon tae soo do taejung kayo taek kyon taek kyun taekwondo stylist taenia coli taenia saginata taenia solium taenia thalami taeniae coli taeniae of the fourth ventricle taeniasis solium tafl game tafl games tafsir al-Qurtubi tag cloud tag clouds tag completion tag crew tag editor tag editors tag first base tag games tag libraries tag library tag line tag machines tag match tag mode tag out tag outs tag partner tag phrase tag question tag questions tag rugby tag sale tag sales tag schemas tag soup tag switching tag system tag systems tag team tag team battle royal tag team champion's tag team champions tag team championship tag team championships tag team competition tag team match tag team title tag team titles tag team turmoil match tag team wrestling tag teamed tag teaming tag teams tag titles tag up tag wrestling tagatose kinase tagatose-bisphosphate aldolase tagaturonate reductase tagged architecture tagged by a fluorescent molecule tagged command queuing tagged memory tagged out tagged partition tagged pointer tagged pointers tagged red blood cell scan tagged union tagged unions tagged up tagged values tagging up tagging with metadata tagliatelle ai carciofi tagliatelle ai funghi tagliatelle al pomodoro tagliatelle al ragù tagliatelle al sugo di lepre tagmemic linguistics tags up tagua nuts tagung ensembles tahin helvası tahitian language tahu gejrot tahu tek-tek tai chi tai chi chuan tai chi classic tai chi classics tai kwon do tai pan tai pans tai sabaki tai shogi tai snapper tai-tan tsoi taifa kingdoms taiga dorama taiga drama taiga shrew taijin kyofusho taika reform taiko drum taiko drumming group taiko drums taikyoku shogi tail and rudder tail assembly tail binders tail bobbed tail bone tail bud tail call tail call optimization tail calls tail chase tail club tail coat tail coats tail code tail codes tail cone tail cones tail docking tail dragger tail drop tail drops tail end right-handed batsman tail fan tail feather tail fin tail fins tail flukes tail fold tail fork tail gating tail grab tail gun tail gunner tail gunners tail hook tail horizontal stabilizer tail lamp tail lamps tail lifts tail lights tail marking tail markings tail merging tail number tail numbers tail of tail of pancreas tail of the pancreas tail packing tail pipe tail pipes tail plane tail position tail propeller tail recursion tail recursion elimination tail recursions tail recursive tail rhyme tail rot tail rotor tail rotor configuration tail rotors tail section tail shaft tail sigma-field tail slapping tail spike tail spikes tail stock tail stop tail strikes tail surfaces tail unit tail wheel tail wheel undercarriage tail wing tail-call optimisation tail-call optimization tail-chase engagement tail-chase missile system tail-end batsmen tail-less whip scorpion tail-sitting craft tailed beast tailed beasts tailed bridge guitar tailed frog tailed frogs tailed z tailgate dining tailgate parties tailgate party tailgating parties tailgut cyst tailing dams tailing pond tailing ponds tailless aircraft tailless amphibians tailless design tailless whip scorpion taillight shark tailor bird tailor made tailor shops tails docked or ears cropped tailskid landing gear tailwheel landing gear tailwheel undercarriage taint checking tainted blood products tainted love tainter gates taisha joseki taishū engeki taj mahal tajay khel take a company public take a dive take a knee take a lane take a paper without paying take a piss take a recess take advantage take and bake pizzeria take and bake pizzerias take away take away restaurant take aways take back take back the nation take care of the situation take control take down take her fury take her own life take him to the future take his own life take home spot take it in the butt take it or leave basis take off take off and land vertically take off assist take off his hat take off vertically take offs take on human form take on the persona take on the role take or pay take out take over take over the country take over the world take pictures of her take possession take power take prize take refuge take return take root take sign take silk take the company public take the fall take the flag take the form take the hill take the spotlight away from take these words take time off of work take two snips of the hair of the dog that bit you take up take up arms take wickets take-away food take-down notice take-down system take-off weight take-or-pay clause take-out double take-out doubles take-out slide take-over offer take-the-best heuristic takeaway food takeaway food outlets takeaway restaurants takedown move takedown notice taken aback taken advantage of taken away taken bribes taken by a dingo taken care of business taken down taken down with club soda taken for a ride taken from her prizes taken full control taken his funding taken hostage taken in a siege taken into public ownership taken off taken over taken part in a blood-soaked raid on an amusement park taken possession of the city taken power taken prisoner taken their own lives taken to heaven without death taken up arms takeoffs over obstacles takeout double takeout doubles takeout food takeover battle takeover bid takeover defenses takeover of parliament takeover of power by the local revolutionary junta takes a dive takes a holiday takes a picture takes a pitch takes advantage takes control takes her own life takes his own life takes off takes off their makeup takes pity takes possession takes possession of takes the form takes the hill takes the life of his daughter takes them home takikomi gohan taking a dive taking a knee taking a nap taking advantage taking advantage of the tide taking care of the children taking children seriously taking communion taking drugs taking her life taking her own life taking his own life taking his true life from him taking in unwanted children in exchange for payment taking inspiration from other composers taking matters into ones own hand taking money taking more from the rich to support a public good for all taking of evidence taking of hostages taking of refuge taking off taking off and landing on ships taking over taking over the world taking photographs taking pictures taking quotations out of context taking refuge taking root in the area taking silk taking the arms taking the city of taking the coins out of circulation taking the company public taking the cure taking the lane taking the money and running taking the mound taking the waters taking turns takings clause tako hiki takoyaki pan takt time taku hanga tal-Qortin plateau talaporfin sodium talaq in non-Islamic states talbot distance talc carbonate talc carbonated talc carbonateed talc carbonates talcum powder tale is played tale of the same name tale of the same title talent agencies talent agency talent agent talent agents talent agreements talent and literary agencies talent assessment talent competition talent contest talent contests talent coordinator talent holding deal talent management talent management corporation talent manager talent managers talent quest talent quests talent scout talent scouts talent search talent show talent shows talent wellness policy talented and gifted talented tenth talented young players talents of gold tales from the blue lounge tales of counterbury tales or ears docked talipes valgus talipes varus talipot palm talismanic magic talismans against the evil eye talitha qoum talk aloud protocol talk box talk boxes talk cock talk format talk out talk pages talk programming talk programs talk radio talk radio personality talk radio station talk radio stations talk show talk show host talk show of the same name talk show producer talk shows talk station talk talk talk talk therapy talk to ghosts talk with other planets talk-back radio talkback radio talkback radio station talked about talked out talked trash talkie films talking about or planning suicide talking animal talking animals talking blues talking board talking books talking catfish talking chihuahua talking circles talking clock talking cure talking defect detector talking dirty talking dog talking drum talking drummers talking drums talking films talking head talking horses, or foxes, or birds talking it out talking machine talking machines talking motion picture talking movie talking movie sound system talking movies talking out talking pets talking picture talking pictures talking point talking points talking puppet talking shop talking stick talking to strangers talking toaster talking trees talks about its own lipogrammatic limitation talks to the viewer talks trash tall bellflower tall bicycles tall bike tall bikes tall boots tall buildings tall coreopsis tall flattop white aster tall grass prairies tall hairy man beast tall hats tall oil tall open-forest tall pointy hats tall poppy syndrome tall sea pen tall ship tall ships tall stature tall stone statue tall stories tall tale tall tales tall-case clocks tall-herb fen talladega nights the ballad of ricky bobby tallapoosa pebblesnail tallboy bomb tallboy bombs taller and stronger taller buildings tallest building tallest buildings tallest buildings in the world tallest chimney tallest complete circuit tallest habitable building tallest habitable structure tallest storeyed building tallest tree tallest trees tallest unsupported sculpture tallest waterfalls tallgrass aspen parkland tallgrass blackland prairie tallgrass prairie tallgrass prairies tallit gadol tallit katan tallow tree tally light tally mark tally marks tally sort tally stick tally sticks article of clothing talmidei chachamim talmidei haRambam talmud study talmud torah talmudic philology talocalcaneal articulation talocalcaneal joints talocalcaneal ligament talocalcanean joint talocalcaneonavicular joint talocalcaneum anterius talocrural joint talofibulare anterius talon cusp talonavicular joint talonaviculare dorsale talotibial ligament taluka town talus and scree talus bone talus fields talus slopes talāq tam mak houng tam mak hung tam o'shanter tam o'shanters tam o’shanter tam tam tam âm la tama talking drums tamal de bola tamal de cambray tamal de chipilin tamal de mole tamal de toro pinto tamal de verduras tamarack larch tamarin monkeys tamarind leaf tamarind paste tamarind switch tamarind timber tamarind weevil tamarisk tree tamashii no futago tamasic foods tambo drums tamboo bamboo tambor chico tambor hembra tambor macho tambor piano tambor repique tambora drum tambou bèlè tambour desk tambour hooks tambour lace tambourine triangle tamburica band tamburitza groups tamburitza orchestra tamburo piccolo tambú tambú drum tame knot tame ramification tame silver fox tamed asses tameer-e-millat foundation tamely ramified tameness conjecture tameside hippodrome tamid offering tamiko fashion tamil calendar tamil film tamil nadu tamil people tammar wallaby tamoxifen citrate tamper evidence tamper evident tamper reflector tamper resistance tamper resistant tampered with tampering more evident tampering with evidence tampering with history tampering with physical evidence tampering with the main witness tamping machine tamping machines baithak gana tan beret tan berets tan chi sau tan den tan half-angle formulae tan jon tan line tan lines tan oak tan oaks tan singing tan skin tan spot tan t'ien tan tattoos tan tiens tanbark oak tanbou bélé tanbou débonda tancitaran dusky rattlesnake tandava dance tandem 48 nt repeats tandem accelerator tandem affinity purification tandem arrays tandem bicycle tandem bicycles tandem bicycling tandem bike tandem bikes tandem biplane tandem charge tandem compounds tandem copies tandem cumulative warheads tandem cycling tandem diver tandem driver tandem duplications tandem event tandem gait tandem generator tandem keel tandem landing gear tandem maneuver tandem mass spectrometry tandem move tandem parking tandem reaction tandem reactions tandem repeat tandem repeat sequence tandem repeats tandem rotor tandem running tandem seating tandem selection tandem shaped charge tandem skydive tandem skydivers tandem skydiving tandem sprint tandem switch tandem trailer tandem tricycle tandem warhead tandem warheads tandem wing tandem wings tandem-seat configuration tandoori chicken tandoori fish tandoori masala tandoori roti tandır kebabı juice tang soo do tang wai tanganyika killifhish tangata manu tangata whenua tangency condition tangent action tangent bundle tangent bundles tangent directions tangent frame bundle tangent galvanometer tangent half-angle formula tangent half-angle formulae tangent line tangent line problem tangent lines tangent numbers tangent piano tangent plane tangent point tangent secant theorem tangent space tangent spaces tangent spokes tangent vector tangent vector fields tangent vectors tangential acceleration tangential angle tangential cell migration tangential coma tangential component tangential components tangential homotopy equivalence tangential quadrilateral tangential quadrilaterals tangential rays tangential speed tangential stress tangerine peel beef tangerine yellow tangible and intangible assets tangible architect tangible assets tangible computing tangible goods tangible interfaces tangible investments tangible property tangle diagram tangle theory tangle web spider tangle web spiders tangled up in blue tangled web tango congo tango dance tango dancers tango dancing tango fusion tango music tango musician tango musicians tango nuevo tango personality tango song tangy honey mustard tank ammunition tank armies tank armor tank army tank attack tank barges tank battalion tank battalions tank battle tank blanketing tank car tank cars tank circuit tank circuits tank classification tank commander tank containers tank corpsman tank crew tank depots tank desant tank design tank destroyer tank destroyer battalion tank destroyer battalions tank destroyers tank divisions tank drivers tank engine tank engines tank farms tank fire tank force tank formations of corps size tank gun tank guns tank house tank hunter tank hunting tank industries tank infantry tank landing craft tank landing ship tank landing ships tank locomotive tank locomotives tank maillot tank man tank mounts tank periscope tank platoon tank plinking tank ponds tank production tank pump tank reconnaissance troop commander tank regiment tank rush tank scandals tank services tank shell tank ships tank suit tank terminals tank testing tank top tank tops tank track tank transporters tank trap tank traps tank truck tank trucks tank warfare tank-like vehicles tank-mounted rocket launcher tanka poetry tanker aircraft tanker boots tanker drogue system tanker lorry tanker ship tanker shipping tanker truck tanker trucks tanker wagons tankless heaters tanko bushi tanks used in world war one tannakian category tanned hide tanned skin tannic acid tannic acids tanning addiction tanning agents tanning bed tanning beds tanning booth tanning booths tanning industry tanning industy tanning lamp tanning liquor tanning lotions tanning parlour tanning salon tanning shop tanren bo tanrus khan tansy beetle tantalate ion tantalic acids tantalum carbide tantalum chloride tantalum diboride tantalum dioxide tantalum ethoxide tantalum hydride tantalum monoxide tantalum monoxide trifluoride tantalum nitride tantalum oxide tantalum oxides tantalum pentachloride tantalum pentafluoride tantalum pentoxide tantra yoga tantri controversy tantric art tantric body alchemy tantric buddhist tantric energy tantric hand positions tantric initiations tantric practice tantric practices tantric practitioner tantric sex tantric sexual tantric sexuality tantric yoga tantum ergo tanuja rane tanáise ríg tao yin tao-hsin and jen-hsin tap beers tap changer tap codes tap dance tap dance step tap danced tap dancer tap dancers tap dances tap dancing tap delay tap drill tap drill chart tap harmonic tap kick tap or die tap or flap tap out tap root tap roots tap shoes tap solo tap solo with cane tap the phone lines tap up tap valve tap water tap wrench tap – tap-off cycle tapa cloth tapa kalong tapanuli ogong tape adaptors tape archiver tape archives tape backup tape ball tape bank tape bias tape cartridge tape cartridges tape cassette tape cassettes tape culture tape cut-ups tape deck tape decks tape delay tape delay tape delay system tape delayed tape delays tape devices tape drive tape drives tape duplicators tape echo tape editing tape edits tape effects tape exchange tape format tape gag tape generations tape head tape head assembly tape heads tape hiss tape knot tape label tape letters tape libraries tape library tape loop tape looped tape loops tape machine tape machines tape manipulation tape manipulations tape manipulator tape mark tape measure tape measure home run tape measurements tape measurer tape measures tape media tape music tape music compositions tape operator tape packs tape path tape piece tape player tape players tape programmers tape puncher tape recorder tape recorders tape recording tape recordings tape reels tape relay tape replay keyboard tape replay keyboards tape samples tape scandal tape speed tape splicing tape systems tape trade tape trader tape trading tape transport tape units tape vaulting tape voice recordings tape volume tape worm tape worms tape-based keyboard sampler tape-bow violin tape-cassette single taped ball taped conversations taped fist match taped out taped samples taped statement tapeless camcorder taper bearers taper boiler taper files taper friendly taper pin taper pins tapered cavesnail tapered fibers tapered pant tapered roller bearing tapered roller bearings tapering jig tapertail anchovy tapertip smartweed tapes or other media tapestry cycle tapestry weave tapestry wools tapetal cells tapetum licidum tapetum lucidum tapetum of corpus callosum