Scio- maybe I should be sciam, instead. I am on a quest for knowledge- especially the kinds of things that most people don't particularly know or care about. Why? Sometimes the most important things one should know nobody cares about, or they just get bored talking about (or listening to) it.

I love to learn, and I don't want to be biased. On controversial subjects I don't feel uncomfortable, as I like to see others' opinions, and mine are completely flexible. I am not wishy-washy; I stand up for what I know to be right, but I am willing to change what I believe if there is sufficient evidence to tell me I'm wrong.


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I am fluent in only one language: English. Modern English to me is an atrocious language, so I would like to learn some different languages.

I chose Latin. I have only been studying for about two months, so I am not proficient at all.

I know a small amount of Japanese, and can generally get by with a combination of speaking, hand gestures, and head bobbing.



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