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la-3 Hic usuarius probe ac latine conferre potest.
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I also answer to TTO.

  • My contributions centre around English, French, Latin and their reconstructed ancestor languages, as well as the Translingual entries, with occasional contributions to other languages.
  • I have a special interest in etymologies, and can help out with these.
  • As an Australian, I occasionally add missing local lingo, like cleaner-upperer, puttage and blak.
  • I work in the geomatics industry and have a broad background in science and technology, so I am comfortable editing entries that cover technical language.
  • You will often find me at the various discussion venues, such as the Tea Room and both flavours of RFV and RFD.

If for some reason you want to know more, my Wikipedia user page has some more details.

I'm an English Wiktionary administrator.