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cs-1 Tento uživatel má základní znalosti češtiny.
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szl-1 Tyn używŏcz gŏdŏ we ślōnskij gŏdce na podstawowym poziōmie.
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Vininn126 edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

Corruption of a more popular name.[1]

Pronunciation edit

Proper noun edit


  1. (productive) An American guy from Colorado who speaks with the Rocky Mountain dialect, but also has smattering of Midwest in there. Currently lives in Warsaw. Mostly adds Polish. Particularly enjoys word formation, but will add anything that's missing.
    • 2008, Stanisław Barańczak, Pegaz zdębiał:
      Chrzęst szczęk pstrych krów wprządł w słuch
      Szept: "Trwasz wśród warstw łgarstw? Tchórz!
      Stwórz wpierw z przerw werw, z chwil skruch
      Strzęp chwalb - nerw ścierw czymś strwóż!

Derived terms edit

References edit

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Other edit

Polish wishlist edit

I would like to make the following mass changes to Polish entries, most of which are hopefully bot-able. My list is as follows:

  1. Changes in pl-IPA:
    1. prepositions now automatically cliticize
    2. fs=1 will be dead, instead ^ will be used
    3. * for prepositions
    4. - for any sort of assimilation breaking (velar n, voicing, palatalization)
    5. manual stress marker ', find pages with ' in them for respelling
    6. Change any ac's with "Audio 1" "audio 2" to just "audio" unless there is the pagename with się.
  2. Types of spellings
    1. pagename
    2. pagename but with ' .
    3. pagename with ' in expected place
    4. complete respelling
    5. two respellings, both match pagename but have different stresses, e.g. komitet
    6. |mp=+ -> |mp=#
  1. diminutive/augmentative/inflection of -> dim/aug/infl of and other shortcuts (eg. parameter one of pl-verb should have either i or p)
  2. get etys on all lemmas, i guess, and add dates.
  3. organize col3's by title
  4. add these
  5. remove articles (a/an/the) from glosses
  6. Add relative adjectives to headwords
  7. New declension modules
    1. olddat=ku etc. -> olddat=1
    2. Declension for pages missing (excluding indeclinable words)
  8. Find etys using only {{m}}
  9. Check all suffixes and prefixes for any BS ones
  10. Move floating {{wp}} to further reading and {{pedia}}
  11. Check Category:Polish interjections and Category:Polish particles and add appropriate words to Category:Polish discourse markers
  12. Switch to {{com+}} using interfix -o-

Cheat sheet edit



# {{pl-pre-1816|}}
# {{pl-pre-1936|}}


==Old Polish==

===Alternative forms===
* {{alt|zlw-opl|}}

{{bor+|zlw-opl|}}. {{etydate|}}
{{inh+|zlw-opl|sla-pro|*}}. {{surf|zlw-opl|}}. {{etydate|}}
From {{af|zlw-opl|}}. {{etydate|}}


# [[]]
#* {{RQ:zlw-opl:|page=|year=|3=|tr=|4=}}


====Derived terms====
{{zlw-opl-derived verbs|

* {{desc|pl|}}

:* {{R:zlw-opl:SPJSP}}


{{bor+|pl||}}. {{etydate|}}
{{inh+|pl|zlw-opl|}}, from {{inh|pl|sla-pro|*}}. {{surf|pl|}}. {{etydate|}}
From {{af|pl|}}. {{etydate|}}


# {{alt form of|pl|from=Middle Polish|}}.
# {{lb|pl|Middle Polish}} [[]]


* {{R:pl:SXVI||}}
* {{R:pl:SXVII|}}


===Alternative forms===
* {{alt|pl|}}

{{bor+|pl||}}. {{surf|pl|}}. {{etydate|ref=}}}}
From {{af|pl|}}. {{etydate|ref=}}}}


{{pl-||head=}} {{head|pl|}}

# {{lb|pl|}} [[]] {{gl|}} {{+preo|pl|prep|case|means=}} {{+obj|pl|case|means=}} {{defdate|ref=}}}}
#: {{syn|pl|}}
#: {{coi|pl||}}
# {{transclude sense|pl||id=}}


====Derived terms====
{{pl-derived verbs|

====Related terms====


* {{desc|pl||bor=1}}
* {{desc|zlw-opl||bor=1}}
** {{desc|pl|}}
** {{desc|zlw-opl|}}
*** {{desc|pl|}}

====See also====
* {{l|pl|}}

:* {{R:pl:NKJP}}

===Further reading===
* {{R:pl:WSJP}}
* {{R:pl:PWN}}
* {{R:zlw-opl:SSP1953}}
* {{R:pl:SXVI||}}
* {{R:pl:SXVII|}}
* {{R:pl:SJP1807}}
* {{R:pl:SJP1861}}
* {{R:pl:SJP1900|||}}
* {{R:pl:SJPD}}
* {{R:pl:NFJP}}

{{cln|pl|words prefixed with -}}

Word Formation edit

===Derived terms===
{{pl-derived verbs|

Etymologies edit


From {{af|pl|}}.


===Etymology 2===




{{bor+|pl||}}. la,  la-med, la-lat, grc, el, gmh

{{inh+|pl|sla-pro|*}}. zlw-opl







{{intnat|pl}}; compare {{cog|en|}}.
{{intnat|pl}}; possibly {{bor+|pl|||nocap=1|nocat=1}}, {{bor|pl|||nocat=1}}, or {{bor|pl|||nocat=1}}, ultimately from {{der|pl||}}.







{{semantic loan|pl||}}