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Hi, Palagiri. Just a note to let you know that interwikis on Wiktionary are different from the ones on Wikipedia. Here on Wiktionary, the spelling of the interwiki must be identical to the spelling of the page name. For example, on Ganapati, the interwiki to Telugu would have to be [[te:Ganapati]], and there would have to be a page on the Telugu Wiktionary named te:Ganapati. On the Telugu page te:ద్రోణాచార్యులు, an interwiki would be like [[en:ద్రోణాచార్యులు]], and it would link to an English page named ద్రోణాచార్యులు. —Stephen (Talk) 02:27, 3 April 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Dear stephen ,

I thank you very much for your valuable suggestion regarding spelling of the page02:32, 3 April 2013 (UTC)