See also: wr, ŵr, and -wr

English edit

Noun edit

WR (plural WRs)

  1. (sports, speedrunning) Initialism of world record.
    Coordinate terms: WB, OR, CR, TR, NR, GR
  2. (American football, Canadian football) Initialism of wide receiver.
    Coordinate terms: QB, FB, HB, LB
  3. (astronomy) Initialism of Wolf-Rayet star.
    Coordinate terms: WD, RD, PSR
  4. Initialism of Wassermann reaction.

Proper noun edit


  1. (rugby union) Initialism of World Rugby, the international governing body for rugby union.
  2. (British) Initialism of William Rex. The royal cypher for William IV, king of Great Britain

Anagrams edit