Two Whovians dressed in costume at a convention.


(Doctor) Who +‎ -v- +‎ -ian; compare Peruvian and Kachruvian.



Whovian (plural Whovians)

  1. (fandom slang) A fan of the British science-fiction television programme Doctor Who.
    • 1985, Amazing: science fiction stories, page 23
      But I am sorry; I'm a devout Whovian and I guess I got a little hot seeing the good Doctor ignored like that.
    • 2009, Dave Awl, Facebook Me!, page 170:
      Typing birthday and Doctor Who into the search fireld turned up a fan-made video of a Dalek singing "Happy Birthday," which was perfect for my friend Steve, a fellow Whovian.
    • 2009, Holly Black & Cecil Castellucci (eds.), Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd
      In his time, he's been a comic-book geek, a role-playing geek, a computer geek, and a sci- fi geek, though never a Trekkie, Trekker, or a Whovian, because he has his limits.
    • 2010, Dave Zhang, What!, page 91:
      Westin: "Oh, yeah. We found a full fledged member of a fan club that has already seen all episodes of the show [] he was a closet Whovian, or what ever they are called.”



Whovian (comparative more Whovian, superlative most Whovian)

  1. Of or pertaining to the fictional universe of Doctor Who.
    • 2000, Leslie Jones, "Stone Circles and Tables Round: Representing the Early Celts in Film and Television", in Amy Hale & Philip Payton (eds.), New Directions in Celtic Studies, pages 36-37
      One of the more inventive applications of the Frazerian thesis that magic is misunderstood science is the British television series Dr Who [] Most space aliens who make it to the Whovian Earth are as interested in power and 'the art of managing the mob, which is called leading people by the nose ' as any Tolandish druid or priest.
    • 2010, Jennifer Stoy, "Of Great Zeitgeist and Bad Faith: An Introduction to Battlestar Galactica", in Roz Kaveney, Jennifer Stoy (eds.), Battlestar Galactica: Investigating Flesh, Spirit and Steel, page 11
      The Ninth Doctor is haunted, thanks to a 'Time War' that has rendered his species, the Time Lords, extinct at the hands of the Whovian nemeses, the Daleks, who are now supposedly equally extinct.
    • 2011, Robynn J. Stilwell, "Bad Wolf": Leitmotif in Doctor Who. in James Deaville (ed.), Music in Television, page 140
      33 In a historical irony, the Daleks have been taken as metaphors for the Nazis; the other main Whovian adversaries, the Cybermen, were likewise metaphors for Cold War Communists.


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