Wiktionary:About Northern Kurdish

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Northern Kurdish is normally written in the Latin script. Arabic script equivalents may be supplied in headword templates use |ar=.

Entry Layout ExplainedEdit

This section is an extrapolation of WT:ELE to fit the Northern Kurdish language.

English-Northern Kurdish TranslationsEdit

Although many efforts have been made to standardize Kurdish, the use of local varieties is still dominant to any proposed standard form. For that matter, the Kurdish translation should indicate the variety. Example:

*: Central Kurdish: {{t|ckb|ڕۆژ}}
*: Northern Kurdish: {{t|kmr|roj}}

This will appear as:

  • Kurdish:
    Central Kurdish: ڕۆژ(roj)
    Northern Kurdish: roj

Make sure you adhere to the use of the {{t}} template when entering English-Northern Kurdish translations.


Compounds and affixesEdit

The format for compound words and affixes conforms to WT:ETY, but Northern Kurdish has some morphological features that need attention.


To get suffixed words in the appropriate categories, such as [[Category:Northern Kurdish words suffixed with -tî]] contributors can use the template {{suffix|kmr}}.


heval +‎ -tî


To get affixed words in the appropriate categories, such as [[Category:Northern Kurdish words prefixed with bê-]] contributors can use the template {{prefix|kmr}}.


Which gives:
bê- +‎ diran


To get compound words into [[Category:Northern Kurdish compound words]] contributors can use the template {{compound|kmr}}.


Which gives:
ziman (language) +‎ malbat (family)


For {{kmr-verb}}.

code result
{{kmr-verb}} dîtin (third-person singular simple present dibîne, simple past dît


This template shows the adjective in bold (optionally linking its components) and its comparative and superlative inflections, if any.

code result
{{kmr-adj}} ciwan (comparative ciwantir, superlative ciwantirîn)
{{kmr-adj|-}} annual (not comparable)
{{kmr-adj|?}} disliked

Other Northern Kurdish aidsEdit