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prefix- +‎ base

This template is used in the etymology section. Use

{{prefix|language code|prefix|root}}

where prefix is the prefix, excluding hyphen, and root is the root of the term. For instance, a simple etymology of undo could be created with:


which evaluates to:

un- +‎ do

Other arguments

Script code. See Wiktionary:Scripts
t1=, t2=
tr1=, tr2=
Transliteration of word 1 and word 2 respectively (for non-Latin scripts)
alt1=, alt2=
Alternate text to display instead of the links.
pos1=, pos2=
Part-of-speech information. Additional unquoted explanatory text, coming after the transliteration and gloss.
Suppresses categorization



gives the ouput:

in- +‎ fīnītus

If prefixes or words are written in non-Latin scripts, transliteration parameters may need to be added.

{{prefix|ru|с|tr1=s|gloss1=(along) with|путник|tr2=putnik|gloss2=traveller}}

gives the output

с- (s, (along) with) +‎ путник (putnik, traveller)

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