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This is a Wiktionary policy, guideline or common practices page.
It should not be modified without discussion and consensus. Any substantial or contested changes require a VOTE.
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Wikidata precautionary principleEdit

Any and all edits using Wikidata must have been previously approved in a discussion or vote, otherwise they shall be reverted on sight. This applies to the use of Wikidata in entries, templates, modules, categories, appendices and any other pages.[1]

Some exceptions apply, where Wikidata may be freely used for tests and proposals:

  1. sandbox pages (such as Wiktionary:Sandbox, Template:sandbox and Module:sandbox, and subpages such as Template:en-noun/sandbox)
  2. user pages and subpages
  3. discussion pages
  4. new templates and modules, if they are not transcluded anywhere (other than transclusions in the exceptional pages mentioned here)
  5. live and in-use templates and modules, if the changes only affect diagnostic output such as tracking templates or tracking categories, and do not affect the appearance of any page

Currently approved usesEdit


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