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Borrowed from Afrikaans aandblom (evening flower), aand (evening) + blom (flower)[1]



aandblom (plural aandblomme)

  1. (South Africa) Any of several, typically evening blooming, flowers related to the Iris, in particular of the genus Hesperantha. [First attested in the late 18th century.][1]
    • 2004, Peter Joyce, Flower Watching in the Cape: Scenic Routes Throughout the Year:
      This 22-ha area protects a fragment of granitic soil that nurtures a host of species, most striking of which are bulb-like plants such as the multi-hued babianas and lachenalias; white, read and pink sundews (carnivorous plants that meet their mineral needs by feeding on insects); the 'evening flowers', or aandblomme, whose heady scent fills the air at dusk, and the lovely chincherinchees, creamy blooms that grow profusely in the area.


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