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abaht (not comparable)

  1. (England) Pronunciation spelling of about. [mid 19th century][1]

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  1. (England) Pronunciation spelling of about. [mid 19th century][1]
    • 1908, Charles Rann Kennedy, The Servant in the House[1]:
      There's a lot o' brothers knockin' abaht as people don't know on, eh what?
    • 1915, John Hartley, Yorksher Puddin'[2]:
      Ther wor nowt for it but to be wed bi licence, an' hah to get th' brass Dick couldn't tell, but at last he detarmined to tell one ov his shopmates all abaht it, an' ax him to advance him twenty paand, to be paid back as sooin as he gate th' properties.
    • 1958, Robert W. Service, Rhymes of a Red Cross Man[3]:
      So when the war broke out, sez 'e: "Well, wot abaht it, Joe?"

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