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Verb edit


  1. simple past and past participle of accelerate

Adjective edit

accelerated (comparative more accelerated, superlative most accelerated)

  1. Moving or progressing faster than is usual.
    • 2010, Raymond J. Wlodkowski, Margery B. Ginsberg, Teaching Intensive and Accelerated Courses: Instruction that Motivates Learning, →ISBN, page 9:
      The requirement that students read textual materials before their first class is probably more important for accelerated than intensive courses, but it is relevant for both.
  2. Happening sooner than expected.
    • 2006, David M. Walker, Performance Budgeting: PART Focuses Attention on Program Performance, But More Can Be Done to Engage Congress, →ISBN, page 41:
      OMB's November 15 deadline for the PAR submission is earlier than the statutory deadline. OMB's recent memorandum to agency heads on the subject made this accelerated deadline permanent

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