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accoutre (third-person singular simple present accoutres, present participle accoutring or accoutreing, simple past and past participle accoutred)

  1. (transitive) To furnish with dress, or equipment, especially those for military service; to equip.
    Synonyms: attire, array
    • 1600, William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, III-iv
      Both accoutred like young men.
    • 1810, Reuben Percy and Sholto Percy, The Percy Anecdotes
      It was therefore resolved that the king should ride on Humphrey Penderel's horse, which was taken from the grass, and accoutred with a pitiful old saddle and a worse bridle.
    • 1814, William Wordsworth, The Excursion
      Both while he trod the earth in humblest guise
      Accoutred with his burden and his staff
    • 6 July 2017, Tyrel Rodricks, Architectural Digest India, We can’t take our eyes off the BMW 8 Series concept car
      The hexagonal design motifs seen around the exterior are featured extensively in the carbon-fibre and leather accoutred interiors.

Derived termsEdit