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adhære (third-person singular simple present adhæres, present participle adhæring, simple past and past participle adhæred)

  1. Obsolete spelling of adhere
    • 1651, Thomas Hobbes, Alfred Rayney Waller (editor), Leviathan: Or, The Matter, Forme & Power of a Commonwealth, Ecclesiasticall and Civill (original publisher: Andrew Crooke; 1904 revision: University Press), pages 66(1), 67–68(2), and 506(3):
      (1)Adde to them Military reputation, and it disposeth men to adhære, and subject themselves to those men that have them.
      (2)Ignorance of remote causes, disposeth men to attribute all events, to the causes immediate, and Instrumentall : For these are all the causes they perceive. And hence it comes to passe, that in all places, men that are grieved with payments to the Publique, discharge their anger upon the Publicans, that is to say, Farmers, Collectors, and other Officers of the publique Revenue; and adhære to such as find fault with the publike Government; and thereby, when they have engaged themselves beyond hope of justification, fall also upon the Supreme Authority, for feare of punishment, or shame of receiving pardon.
      (3)And this is of the number of pernicious Errors : for they induce men, as oft as they like not their Governours to adhære to those that call them Tyrants, and to think it lawfull to raise warre against them : And yet they are many times cherished from the Pulpit, by the Clergy.